The differences between Secur’Storage and traditional storage warehouses


Traditional storage warehouses

  • The price

    Based on our comparative reviews, Secur’Storage is, on average, 40% cheaper than most self-storage facilities in Geneva. This very large difference in price is mainly due to the fact that Secur’Storage charges no fee for access, inventory or removal. All your belongings can be easily accessed free of charge.

  • This is in contrast to the traditional storage warehouses where you have to pay all these additional costs, including handling and packing charges.

  • Access

    is self-service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is completely free!

  • Access must be paid for and is by appointment only.

  • Storage Facilities

    Well-ventilated and climate-controlled with no risk of damage from humidity! The storage conditions are ideal. Our storage facilities are kept impeccably clean and well maintained!

  • The state of the storage facilities is generally pretty basic. For example, in cases where containers are placed outside, they will be subject to temperature variations, which can lead to moinsture build-up, the severity of which will depend on the storage period. This can damage all your belongings (furniture, textiles, papers etc.).

  • Security

    Our sites are equipped with sophisticated video surveillance systems. 18 cameras cover each of our sites 24 hours a day.
    Security surveillance is provided remotely by CERTAS SECURITAS.
    Access is by entry code only.
    Because the entry code is traceable, all movements in and out can be recorded and stored.

  • The level of security level varies from one location to another.

  • The type of box

    In all our premises, Secur’Storage uses metal boxes of varying sizes, which are stored indoors.

  • In traditional furniture storage facilities, you may be offered, depending on the volume required, wooden crates of between 8 and 12m3, either a whole or a shared container, stored inside or outside or even just a space in the warehouse.

  • The storage period

    The minimum rental period is one month. After that, you pay only for the time you need.
    Example: If you need 1 month and 5 days, you pay for 1 month and 5 days!

  • If you remove your items before the end of the storage period, you must pay for the month in full. Some companies charge for only half a month if you leave in the first half of the month. A very small number of them will let you negotiate the price on site.

  • Discounts

    For quarterly, half-yearly or yearly contracts you can get attractive discounts!

  • Most furniture warehouses do not offer discounts for medium- or long term storage.

  • The size of the box

    You can change the size of your box as many times as you like, as your need for space increases, at no extra cost!

  • You will always pay a handling fee for any changes.

  • The inventory

    No inventory is required.

  • It is usually included in the initial fee.

Are you convinced now ?