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We can be contacted by:

–  Phone : securstorage-numero-vert or + 41 22 592 84 84

–  Email :

–  From the contact section of our site

1. Fill out the form below :

Your name (*)

Your email (*)

Your box or customer number

Departure date

Your bank details (IBAN) in the case of a refund:

Reason for terminate:

2. After emptying the box, please ensure that the box is in good condition.


3. Pick up the padlock and leave the metal tag on the box.

You can pay Secustorage in the following ways

Download  IBAN here

Les modes de paiement possibles sont :

  1. BVR : Payment Slip
  2. E-Banking  (Bank transfert)
  3. Credit card
    – Directly to our agency
    – By direct debit
  4. In cash

Your name (*)

Your email (*)

Your natel (*)

Your customer number box (*)

Your new adress (*)

Secur’Storage has four conveniently located stores.

La Praille – Main agency

Rue Antoine-Jolivet 6, 1227 Carouge
022 592 84 84

MPARC Migros

Avenue Vibert 32, 1227 Carouge


Rue de Plaisance 7, 1227 Carouge


Rue Henri Christiné 8, 1205 Genève

All our agencies have the following hours:

– Monday to Friday from 7am to 6.30pm.
– Saturday 10am to 3pm.

To change your box you must :

  1. make a request and reserve the new box directly through the agency.
  2. make sure that your belongings are moved to the new box.
  3. sign a new contract.

Secure access to your box is free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can rent an additional box very easily :

  1. Just contact Secur’storage by phone or through the agency to book any additional boxes.
  2. Sign your new contract

All packaging materials can be bought directly from our main agency at  :

Secur’Storage, Rue Antoine Jolivet 6, 1227 Carouge

Boxes from 1 to 150 m2 perfectly suited to your budget!